The field of advertising management is made up of a system of communicating organizations and institutions, all of these play a role in the advertising process. At the key of this system are advertisers, the organizations that provide the financial resources that support advertising. Marketing is classified on the basis of the pursuing principles: (1) Purpose (2) Media type used (3) Advertising scale and (4) Finances

National Advertising:
While clear from the term itself, it refers to advertising on a countrywide scale, where the maker stimulates the demand of the product he can offering to the ultimate customers. It refers chiefly to advertising done by a producer to get people to by his brand name goods, every time they are sold. While the advertiser is handling to a broad audience, the immediate sales cannot be expected just by a single insertion of the advertisement. advertisement

Local and Local advertising:
As the name shows, this advertisement is confined to one specific region of any country. This is done when a method available and is being consumed on a regional level; such ad takes place either from the manufacturer, the retail store or maybe the whole seller. Simply like this the local advertising is what people are pretty much familiar with as the medium is daily newspapers, car radio, etc. The item which is available to the neighborhood consumers is advertised through local advertisement. 

Retail Advertising:
Services organizations or the local merchants’ convey their concept through retail advertising. With this, the customers are immediately addressed and are activated in a way to visit the nearest store and shop the product. The exemplary bodies are the extremely markets, departmental stores, discount stores etc.

Trade and Professional Advertising:
This type of advertising specifically centers on the professional people, retailers and the entire sellers. The manufacturers goal at these people through this advertising in order to persuade them to stock usana products and feature them in their respective stores, and run a national advertising marketing campaign for retail advertisement.

Commercial advertising:
Industrial marketing is similar to the marketing of durables in this advertising can rarely be expected to make the sales. Rather, a salesman is usually required to source information also to handle the deals of the deal. Advertising in this travelling bag, provides the engineer or buyers with the possibility to express involvement in the product by returning a credit card which is ask for additional information.

Image advertising:
The advertising is undertaken by an organization in order to enhance its importance and value e. g. if the context “what we do” is resolved, then an image can be used to nurture the important purpose which enhances the life of a specific product.

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