The fungal nail condition can be both embarrassing and painful for those of you which may have it. Yeast nails make up fifty percent of all nail attacks, the other types are viral and bacterial fingernail infections. Your nail can become thickened, scaly and discoloured if left with no treatment. The nail then can be lost and the infection can spread to the other nails. ingrown nail clearing and 

In a Podiatry clinic this is a common condition that is presented and the one that we can treat very effectively if found in the beginning. Treatment can entail thinning down your damaged nail with a routine burr and cutting again the dead nail. Then simply daily treatment at home with a nail enamel such as Clear Zal which kills 99. 9% of all fungus, microbial and viral nail attacks. A normal Podiatry appointment every month or two is recommended to review your condition.

Fungal toenail infections are caused by dermatophytes, which digest keratin by producing enzymes. Right now there are 3 generation of dermatophyes: Microsprum, Epidermophyton or the more common Trichophyton rubrum. In some circumstances it can be required to confirm the sort of species by microscopy. The fungus must then be cultured. This action can be arranged by us at the Podiatry clinic. 

Various other types of fungal attacks are yeasts (like candida fungus in thrush); in unusual cases moulds and other fungal organisms. Most yeast nail infections are brought on by the same contamination that causes athletes feet.

To stop yourself from catching fungal nail disease we advise the subsequent: –

– Change hosiery daily

– Wash and dried out your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes

– Wear cotton socks and leather shoes to allow the feet to inhale

– Wear roomy shoes

– Always wear switch flops when sharing public baths

– Get your feet checked early by a Podiatrist or a medically trained professional if you suspect a yeast infection

– Make an effort to stop smoking

– Avoid trauma to your nails as this can then become a portal for infection into your fingernail

Clear Zal is a wonderful natural treatment which contains aloe vera; it is a wide spectrum antimicrobial solution in a fairly easy to utilize gel enamel which is very relaxing. It is always highly recommended to read any instructions meticulously before using any medication to treat your condition. In some situations it can be necessary to seek the advice of a Podiatrist or another clinically trained professional. If you are Diabetic or have circulatory problems this is strongly advised. Please use any medication as mentioned in the instructions for use to avoid overlook when using.

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