Just about all commercial garages take their floors for granted. When ever it comes to the results, there are so many expenses; it’s easy to over-look the floor. Look again. A broken, damaged, worn, and outdated garage floor can screen several problems, but the solution is fast and affordable. Beton DeLuxe

The down sides of Unfinished and Worn Concrete Floors

Tangible is a porous materials and is filled up with thousands and thousands of tiny air openings. Ground water slowly techniques through these holes and evaporate into the shut down atmosphere of a car port creating water vapors. Since time goes by, this moisture causes rust on your tools and materials.

Unfinished concrete floors often crack and chip. At some point these imperfections may become workplace hazards that can cause injuries and legal nightmares. A painted concrete floor surface can become slick and fall below OSHA guidelines set to ensure slip free workplace conditions. This could lead to fragile plus more legal hassles.

House floors get dirty, is actually the nature of the business, but worn and unfinished concrete is difficult to clean. Owners have to add expensive cleaning solvents and extra several hours onto the payroll just to keep it feasible.

Polished Concrete Floors have many Positive aspects

A polished concrete floor is completed with a choice of sealants that focus in making the porous concrete foundation. This results in drier air that reduces molds and oxidation in the garage. 

The first step in resurfacing the floor commences with concrete restoration and bust repair. Then the surface is ground to remove rust, oil, grease, and small chips and stripes building a flat even surface. There are many choices available for the finishing layers including epoxy and polyaspartic/polyurea surface finishes. These top coats can be clear, colored or decorative with various potato chips and sparkles mixed in through the application process. A nonslip aggregate is also mixed into the polishing off layers so commercial house floors have a Ratio of Friction (COF) that exceeds OSHA guidelines.

Extended Lasting Floors are Quickly Completed

A properly refinished and installed polished cement floor should last for years, yet most storage area floors can be completed in one or two days. This quick turn-around keeps businesses running efficiently. The improved polished surface is also much much easier to maintain. Considering that the surface is smooth and there are incredibly few micro-scratches for mud and grease to get trapped in, it can be cleaned with moderate detergent and water.

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