VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER stands for “Virtual Non-public Server” which stores data by means of a virtual machine and where hosting is done by segregating main physical servers into a lot of virtual servers. Baffled? OK, allow me to make clear all this in a vocabulary free language. Simply put, it is a kind of hosting which works as a bridge between distributed and dedicated web hosting giving you the benefit for a low price like a shared server and full control like a dedicated server. Take an example of a property in which you own your space but still have to share some communal assets, same moves with the VPS hosting where you are the landlord of your personal space but still enjoy the amenities of a shared machine community. free vps hosting

Today, more and more businesses are choosing VPS hosting for their hosting needs, what are the various reasons of its growing popularity, why don’t we have a look at some of its leading advantages.

Full User Control:

Unlike shared hosting, VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER hosting offers far more control of the space you own and over a number of the server resources as well. It comes with a root access and the ability to use scripts which is not allowed if you are on a shared hardware. You will find absolutely no limitations and you will configure your machine the way you wish like installing your preferred the control panel and other softwares whereas a shared hosting plan won’t provide this much control and authority. 

Flexibility and Scalability:

These are two other features of VPS hosting which trigger users to go for a digital server. Whatever your own personal needs are, you buy pay for only what you truly need as all the VPS strategies can be custom-made relating to specific requirements. By simply scalability, it means that you can take a start at minimum price with few resources and when you feel that you are running low on resources, you can ask to add the virtual resources like vCPUs and RAM and their pretty simply just like a reboot. Also, you can frequently add additional disk space instantly.

Trustworthy Performance:

This type of hosting comes with an good thing about better performance. Contrary to a shared server, all the hosted sites are powered by satisfactory CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT resources, memory and band width so users rarely face any downtime. Besides, as discussed earlier, a VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER user has more control and root access, so they can use this particular merit of VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER hosting to enhance the performance of its machine also.

Enhanced Security:

VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER hosting is considered a safer option because it has the ability to install custom and rigid firewalls. Shared hosting, on the other hand can be risky due to neighbouring websites, if any of those sites get a security threat, all the other sites on the same server are likely to receive posts. Also, you will be having an unique IP address, so there are absolutely no chances of being blacklisted which generally happens on a distributed hosting plan where users sharing the one email service are often penalized even if they are not guilty.

Cost Effectiveness:

As opposed to a dedicated hosting plan, VPS goes along with the good thing about a cheap price rendering it an affordable option for many website owners. The resources almost match with a passionate machine and price with a shared server, it is therefore a best choice for medium size enterprises that need more resources but are facing some financial restrictions.

Overall, a VPS hosting plan comes with dozens of features and qualities that happen to be essential for the expansion of your business, however, it is always a good idea to examine all the available option before you choose one.

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